We are using a tracking tool from the company etracker on our website.

The tracking tool uses cookies for data collection. Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard drive and will supply etracker which certain informations. From these data user profiles can be generated using a pseudonym.

The storage of the data collected by the tracking tool is done by etracker.

If you visit our website as an unregistered internet user, the tracking tool will not collect any personal data. In particular, we will store your specificly assigned IP address, but its last digits are replaced by placeholders. This way the IP address will be completely anonymous. A conclusion on your internet connection is definitely ruled out. Thus pseudonymous user profiles are created, which are completely separate from your person.

The data and the analysis of the etracker provide us with detailed information in statistical form, for example, which pages are most popular, at which times the use of our service is particularly strong, how our service is usually browsed through and which browser versions and operating systems our users use.

However, this means that we never know what user behavior you prefer, but only that there is a user who has such a behavior.

Nevertheless, we provide an option to our users to object to these terms in the way of opting out. If you want to restrict or exclude the data collection by the tracking tool completely, simply click here. Exclude from data storage