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Blomst Forside
Blomst Forside

GfK Danmark A/S is one of Denmark's largest research companies. GfK Danmark was founded in 1990 by a merger between two Danish institutes: Observa A/S (established in 1958) and EC Marketing AS and E.C. Pharma (established 1963). All our activities are related to market analysis and advice.

GfK Danmark is owned by the German parent company GfK, which is listed on the German stock market. GfK was founded in 1934 in connection with the University of Nuremberg.

GfK is one of the world's largest (No. 4) market organizations represented in almost all countries around the world. With 10,000 highly skilled employees worldwide, we solve all kinds of analysis and provide advice. GfK Danmark has currently approx. 50 employees plus a large nationwide interviewing staff.

GfK Danmark is a full-service market research. Our primary data collection methods include face-to-face, postal, web and telephone interviews. In addition we advice on practical implementation of the collected information.

GfK Danmark also offers analyses from a whole range of panels - for instance GfK Consumer Tracking consumer panel with approx. 3000 households, GfK Farm Scan with approx. 1000 farmers and GfK MediScan panels of doctors, specialists, vets and dentists besides GfK's own web panel. Furthermore, we have access to GfK's international access panels for web surveys.

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